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Here’s an interesting interview in All Access Music:


“What are some of your favorite songs on this new album? How about your favorite songs to perform live?

DON: “BREAKAWAY”, “NO GOOD”, “EVIL WOMAN”, We like them all really, both to listen to and to perform. Live, it’s hard not to have fondness for the rockin’ grooves.

RICHARD: My album favorites are “NO GOOD” AND “YOU’VE GOT A HOLD ON ME” and I most love to perform those two and “Since You’ve Been Gone” (because of the 5/4 piano break)

JOHN: “EVIL WOMAN”, “BETTER DAYS” AND “YOU’VE GOT A HOLD ON ME” Because they show the different musical facets the band is capable of. My favorite songs to play live would be all of them because we cover a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions and I look forward to each of them.

SCOTT: While I like them all, my favorite would be  “EVIL WOMAN”, “BREAKAWAY”, “HOLD ON ME” and “BETTER DAYS”. We cover a pretty diverse swatch of music styles… and these pretty well captures them.”


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