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Our own Scott Lane is featured in Guitar Aficianado magazine this month.

Pick up a copy at your local newsstand to read the full article.

Here is a snippet:

GA: What do you look for in a guitar?

SL: Inspiration! I am a big believer that guitars are works of art. Some works, like those from the finest luthiers, are really spectacular. Guitars are an art, and that can encourage the creation of other art in the form of song and music. It’s that synergy that inspires me to play and create songs. Guitars inspire me to create.


GA: Which is your favorite, and why?

SL: Tough question, as I truly do have many favorites. If I had to pick only one, it would be my Ken Parker Archtops Inner Peace. That guitar is a work of art, design and engineering. I am drawn to it daily as a source of inspiration and enjoyment. It’s simply a fantastic instrument, made by a really good friend.



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