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Our own Scott Lane is one of luthier Jim Olson‘s biggest fans. Scott owns several of Jim’s legendary guitars. Below is a wonderfully inspiring new short film on Mr. Olson, in which he discusses humble roots, persistence, and some of his other clients, like James Taylor, Phil Keaggy, and Leo Kottke…

From the film description:

James A. Olson (“Jim”) has been handcrafting acoustic flattop guitars since 1977. His instruments began getting national attention in the mid 1980s, after Phil Keaggy commissioned the first cedar-topped Olson SJ guitar and began playing Olson guitars almost exclusively on his acoustic albums and in concert. In 1989, James Taylor purchased three of Jim’s guitars; through Taylor’s visibility, Olson guitars became known and prized by a wide variety of players around the world. Today an impressive number of well-known players in styles spanning fingerstyle to bluegrass to country to pop are proud Olson owners.

Film by: Thomas Strand:

olson4 olson3 olson2 olson1

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  1. Mark Thompson January 27, 2015 at 1:02 am

    Beautifully made short film about James. I had the pleasure of visiting him at his shop twice, and playing an Olson in major venues internationally. You’ve captured much of the generous, kind nature of Mr. Olson and you’ve brought back happy memories for me.

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