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Dark Horse Flyer has been in Rhinebeck New York at world famous Clubhouse Studio, recording the follow-up to Breakaway. From Don Mularz:

The first question seems to be, “Why travel to Rhinebeck NY to record an album chock full of references to, or songs about, our collective experiences in Florida?” Especially since between the six of us, we’ve recorded at many of the fine studios where we live. 

The answer lies in our concept of how we wanted to record this record. None of us had ever had the classic experience of totally immersing ourselves in a studio environment and recording an entire album in days; not a few hours here and there over months, or even years.

The challenge was simple – could we isolate ourselves from the quotidian grind with all the interruptions and distractions, and live, eat, create, and record an album in 8 days that would surpass anything we had ever done before?  And live to tell the tale?

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