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More behind-the-scenes commentary from Don Mularz:

After leaving Big Pink it was time to check in at The Clubhouse and see the facility.  Up the drive past an old farmhouse, to a late 1800’s barn converted to accomodations for five, with an adjoining building in a style to match.  We were met by owner/engineer Paul Antonell who gave us the nickel tour, and made us feel right at home.

In the control room the main attraction was the vintage Neve board, and the main live room was bright and warm and inviting – perfect for our idea of the whole band recording the songs at the same time in the same room with each other.  Small side rooms would allow us to isolate the amps from the drums.  I was about to sing a few tracks to get the feel of the room when the lights went out – a transformer blew somewhere down the road, and we shot the breeze for a while till it came back on. 

Safe to say that would probably never happen again, and I sang the tracks.  Scott and I decided pretty quick that if we could work out the logistics, this would be a great place to record our second album.