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Part III in Don’s “behind-the-scenes” diary of the recording of the upcoming album Hotel Paradise:

The planets aligned—“The Clubhouse” studio in Rheinbeck, NY was available for the last week of October, 2015—and everyone in the band could make it up north to record the Hotel Paradise album. So we rehearsed. And wrote. And rehearsed some more. It was the only way we’d be able to pull this project off on such a tight schedule.

Scott and I loaded all of the Dark Horse Flyer music gear into a rental van and set out on Thursday, October 22nd, for Rhinebeck, Nueva York! The rest of the band would fly up on Saturday to set up, and we’d begin recording early Sunday morning.

The flood had subsided in Charleston, so we cruised in on Thursday night, checked into great hotel and had an excellent dinner with sufficient amounts of Bourbon.

Friday night ended above Washington, DC. On Saturday we blew through the Garden State, memory lane’d by both houses I lived in as a child (in the towns of Cranford and Elizabeth). We had the worst little burgers imaginable at the White Castle on Elmora Avenue, and somehow our GPS reset and thought we should go to Connecticut instead of Rhinebeck. Remember the days when you just had to follow a road map?

We finally got to Rhinebeck (the band beat us there) and set up the gear, unloading the critical components (including wine, beer, bourbon, vodka). We headed into town with Paul, had another wonderful dinner, and laid out our recording plans for Sunday morning. Time to get “reel.”

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