Our own Scott Lane is one of luthier Jim Olson‘s biggest fans. Scott owns several of Jim’s legendary guitars. Below is a wonderfully inspiring new short film on Mr. Olson, in which he discusses humble roots, persistence, and some of his other clients, like James Taylor, Phil Keaggy, and Leo Kottke…

From the film description:

James A. Olson (“Jim”) has been handcrafting acoustic flattop guitars since 1977. His instruments began getting national attention in the mid 1980s, after Phil Keaggy commissioned the first cedar-topped Olson SJ guitar and began playing Olson guitars almost exclusively on his acoustic albums and in concert. In 1989, James Taylor purchased three of Jim’s guitars; through Taylor’s visibility, Olson guitars became known and prized by a wide variety of players around the world. Today an impressive number of well-known players in styles spanning fingerstyle to bluegrass to country to pop are proud Olson owners.


Film by: Thomas Strand:

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Beth Cohen is a truly wonderful singer.

She has worked with Barbra Streisand, Pink, Julio Iglesias and Kelly Clarkson among others. She is currently on tour with Barry Gibb on his Mythology Tour. Below you can watch a few clips of her singing with Barry.

We are proud and honored that she sang Background Vocals on our upcoming album.

Beth will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday May 21st.
Congratulations Beth!


Our own Scott Lane has one of the most coveted guitar collections in the United States, with over 100 custom made acoustic and electric guitars from all over the world.

Friends and aficionados have expressed interest in learning more about Scott’s “Guitar Vault”, and the idea was hatched to launch a series of videos. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and/or bookmark the dedicated page on our site.

This first episode showcases the Olson 35th anniversary guitar, made by Luthier James A. Olson. Scott discusses the unique features of this guitar, the making of and materials used. DHF lead singer Don Mularz then  plays the guitar in a picking style that compliments the unique and bright sound of this one-of-a-kind guitar.


Many of us in Dark Horse Flyer are fans of Steve Miller and his band. It’s inspiring to see them heading out on the road this Spring and Summer. They’ll be in our Florida neck of the woods March 8th. And then out with Journey and Tower of Power starting in May. SMB & Journey “helped define the ‘San Francisco Sound'” and they’ll be playing over 30 cities in North America. Highly recommended!